Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Leadership Workshop, 2017


Elif Kalaycı

I met Parisa and Elizabeth at the workshop. We are now working on a paper.
I met Maksim, with whom I am co-organizing a workshop now.
I became a referee for an entrepreneurship journal through Dr. Serdal Temel.
This workshop WORKS in getting people team up and start papers/projects going!!

Meriç Bıçakçıoğlu

I met Mine and Ben who gave me insight about the framework I am applying to my research. The workshop also gave me the opportunity to widen my understanding on the methods I wanted to engage with.

Animesh Acharjee

EEWorkshop gave me opportunity to translate my quantitative knowledge into qualitative aspects.

Maksim Belitski

I realized that developing an entrepreneurial mindset goes beyond knowing, researching and talking – it requires taking action, negotiating with stakeholders and everyday practicing. The workshop will invite the methodology for acting entrepreneurially for both researchers and business”.

Alex Alterskye

As an early career researcher the EEW introduced me to an incredibly knowledgeable and helpful group of Scholars. It was really beneficial in helping my thinking around my PhD research project

Esra Kahya

My area is normally informations sytems, I study on social adaptation of systems, knowledge extraction, fuzzy systems in organizations etc.
after workshop I do a research which is about analysing Entrepreneurialship emotional data, I present it at MISC conference; a little step to my last year’s workshop presentation.. I am planning to apply that in future..

And sometimes Katia an I talk about mining data by Skype..

After all those presentations, of course I am changed 🙈 about entrepreneurialship.

Sara Demir

This workshop contributed to me that ecological and economic systems can be evaluated under entrepreneurship depends on landscape architecture and planning.

Suhaib Aamir

The workshop gave me a chance to experience the beauty of social networking with professionals from variety of areas and specializations. Each member contributed in their own way to my learning regarding entrepreneurial ecosystem.